Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hales Soliday

Its Christmas time and BAM! sales! its great. As you can see from the picture above Rayne is having a holiday blemish sale from the 26th to the 31st. Stoked is also having a sale, 15% off trackers. And Milehigh is dropping the prices on darn near everything. So many sales, so much Christmas money, man i love Christmas or Boxing day actually, whatever. links below!

PS. most companies will sell you factory seconds if you just shoot them an email and ask, theyre just insanely cheap right now

Happy Holidays!

In spirit of the holiday season i have decided to get a new years start on this blog. I have great plans for it, and cant wait to see it turn into an amazing little place where everybody can go to get a daily dose of internet longboarding. Its all about progression, fun and stoke, we will cover all sorts of new things from dancing to longboard croquet and always keep you updated on whats new and exciting in longboarding . Anyways, have fun with all your new holiday gear, wear a helmet and come back for more!