Thursday, January 22, 2009


They looked pretty nice back then.


Just a post on the forum that has some truth to it.

when loaded first came out they were doing things nobody thought was possible. years went into developing these boards so they were completely unique from everything else on the market. back in 95 no boards had intentional flex, loaded innovated it. they also brought fiberglass composite boards into the market which now almost every company has. after that they brought the alternative to woods like baltic birch and oak, bamboo into the industry. in addition they made the cut out shape a very popular shape for carving boards, since you could use a much larger wheel, providing a smoother ride, and not have to worry about wheel bite. im not saying that every other company is copying loaded, im just saying loaded made the foundation for the massive change that is occurring in longboarding today

now other companies may have boards similar to and cheaper than loadeds, but when you pay for a loaded board not only are you buying a quality board that you know has been through some serious r&d, but you are also supporting a company that has and is still evolving longboarding into the sport that we know and love today.


Just a little encouragement for a rainy day.