Monday, March 2, 2009


Just imagine how this would ride.


Two freestyle videos for you today, ones sick, the others crazy and insane and why the heck would anyone want to do that? I'll let you decide which is which.

Jordan's video reminds me of Saturday, in fact its almost an exact replica of my Saturday... minus the other people, but im glad i got at least some of it out of my system on that six hour session because its a stormin' out there today.


Well, i was saving this for the new blog, yes you heard me, NEW BLOG, but that probably wont be going down for another month due to the amazing weather (omit today and tomorrow) and the fact that i don't know how to write in simple php. But don't fret, i have a friend who knows how to and he should be hooking me up with a site. Anyways here is the write up of flexdex' new line of wooden boards by Stephan Reinhardt himself!:

Flexdex Skateboards is proud to release 4 of the most anticipated boards of 2009.

The 2009 lineup of skateboards is now available to check out and order on their web site.

The series of decks contains 4 NEW MODELS made from WOOD and ORGANIC FIBER WEAVES made to FLEX.

Lust for Life 33" - 5ply maple – with clear organic fiber weave

"The Lust" was spawned from a love of campus/city cruising and old school freestyle. After experimenting with multiple flexes, shapes, and sizes, the creative minds at Flexdex concocted the perfect campus cruiser. The look of the deck is very natural and was inspired by tundra/taiga biomes. "The Lust" is definetly fresh till death. You want it (jedi hand gesture).

2009 1999

Mantis 36" - 5ply maple – with clear organic fiber weave

The Mantis is a very mysterious and complicated board with a deep twisted past. The board is a wooden reincarnation of the Flexdex Stinger. The Stinger was carved from the famed Flexdex formula and was a top seller for years. The stinger was living the good life as a longboard celebrity when the unthinkable happened. After a love affair between The Stinger and Maple tree The Stinger disappeared and never returned. Years went by then one day The Mantis appeared at the doorstep of Flexdex. Team Flexdex took The Mantis in with open arms. You Want One!

Flexdex Stinger -Father of The Mantis-(1999-2003)


Rubber Soul 40" - 6ply maple – with clear organic fiber weave

The Rubber Soul is the hottest under the sun and the graffic is melting under your feet dude! This may be one of the most versatile and comfortable 40 inch boards on the market. This is one of those boards that takes over your quiver. You will not want to get your rubber souls off of it.This deck was inspired by a decade of experimentation and you can bet that the guys at Flexdex weren't afraid to try new and exciting organic options...when it came to this deck. You Want one!

Fat Daddy 60" - 11ply birch -

The Fat Daddy 60" x 10" wide longboard marks the return of one of the 10 best longboard skateboards ever.

Flexdex used to make this as the "Pro60" back in 1999-2003. You asked for it. It's back! Man, those guys at Flexdex are so cool.

3 new and unique wood longboards – and 1 mega-longboard. As always,You Want One!

And –They updated the look, wheels and graphics on ALL the Flexdex Line.

But wait – that's not all…. rumor has it that they are adding lots of wheels and trucks that fit ALL longboards

Wait! Theres More-Team Flexdex is constantly coming out with more media, photos, events, video, and more keep checking out

for the latest longboarding info and gear.