Friday, May 1, 2009

Coming soon

Not in this upcoming video but somewhere down the line.





Well if you guys are still around, I'm back! Sorry about not doing anything the last couple of weeks but my computer quit on me and we couldn't fix it, so after weeks of no longboarding videos, news, music and not being able to do any projects at home we finally caved and hired a tech guy... and he took it to the shop and had it fixed in a little more than a day, which probably means he had it fixed in 15 minutes. Being back its surprising just how much can happen in a month, when i started the blog in the winter there was literally nothing to write about, now there's almost too much, with new videos, wheels, boards, recalls, its crazy. anyways, I'm glad to be back, hopefully i wont be gone this long ever again, and ill be hard at work trying to keep up with all the fresh news and making awesome videos.