Saturday, December 27, 2008


Insect has recently released their amazing carbon nanotech firefly to the public, the price for just the deck is a whoping 450 bucks, but if you think about how advanced and hi tech this board is it actually seems quite reasonable. Lets examine it from the inside out, the core is made out of honeycomb making it stable, extremely light and torsionally stiff, this is a concept Loaded was going to use but found it to be much too fragile for a wood board. However insect solved this problem by giving it an exoskeleton made of military grade carbon nanotube strengthened carbon fiber, crazy strong and super light. Last time i heard about carbon nanotubes they were planning on using them to build an elevator to space, i guess they got a little sidetracked. Anyways, for the edging they used a Kevlar epoxy to protect the honeycomb from any impact and exposure to the elements.

The board has a a giant 3/4" deep concave to really lock you into the board, and 1/4" rocker end-to-end, for comfort and also to lock you in. The Lightning Bug, the Mosquito and the Sidewinder series will be available in nanotech soon so keep an eye out.

Bottom line, this boards sick, light as a feather, and i want one!