Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sweepin the Streets

I have been privileged enough to receive the first proto of the Holesom 40/50 SS, and I must say, so much stoke. So much stoke in the company and its owner, I don’t think ive ever seen more stoke than in David, except maybe in his horse. Anyways, I felt inspired to write a top notch review for you all because this board is so awesome and needs to be shared, so lets get down to the dirty talk.

Materials: As you have read the street sweeper is composed of bamboo and hemp and held together by a high quality epoxy resin compound, which not only makes it nice and shiny but also holds it together quite nicely.

Specs: 40” long, 9.5” wide. That is if you don’t subtract the parts missing in the middle.

My Setup: Randals, 90a Venoms, and Otang In Heats.

Preferred setup: Holeys, Cult Gama Rays

Typical session discipline: Cruising, carving, sliding, dancing, and freestyling.

Any Questions?

What are the holes for? Ummmmm… pass.

Haha no, the holes make it lighter, look cooler and enhance its ability to hold flowers for you ladies, or really confident blokes.

Is it a Dervish killer? Well, like the I Pod i don't think anything can completely kill the dervish, except curbs, curbs are bad.

Which do you prefer? If I’m going for a light, fun trip down town to ride the parking garages or dance it up with my homies, I would go with my 40/50 every time. Its just more fun, its light, agile, and pumptastic. Not to mention the dampening qualities of the beautiful hemp, nature’s strongest fiber, which make it the smoothest ride on the block. And I've only been on the prototype, just think about the final product!

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